Task Management

Your Work and Life Tasks in one place

Simplify task management and prioritize work. Separate your work and personal tasks with tags. Select between List, weekly view, calendar, and toggle between the project views to find a view that works for you.
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Key features

Flexible Task Tagging
Organize your tasks using unique tags for work, personal life, or projects. It's like having multiple planners in one platform.
Week-at-a-Glance Time Boxing
Assign specific times to tasks with our intuitive time-boxing feature for focused attention.
Streamlined Daily Task Entry
Our system makes it easy to jot down tasks, keeping your daily plan simple and effective.

How to Use?

  1. Toggle to the planning mode tab in the left sidebar
  2. Start by adding a new task
  3. Tag your task appropriately – be it 'Work', 'Life', or a specific project. (Note: Free users have access to one tag while Pro users will be able to create multiple!)
  4. Utilize the week view to time-box your activities, ensuring you balance productivity and leisure.
  5. As you plan each day, keep the entries concise, leveraging our platform's simplicity for optimal daily organization.

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