Calendar Management

Seamless Integration of Life and Work Calendars

Manage and visualize your tasks and events in a unified calendar. Effortlessly manage both your personal and professional events. Never worry about missing an important event, no matter how hectic life gets.
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Key features

Unified Calendar View
Ditch app-hopping. consolidates your schedules into one, simplifying your life.
Effortless Integration with Leading Platforms
Connect effortlessly with Google and Outlook, bringing all your scheduling under one roof.
Secure Calendar Separation
Keep work and personal schedules apart with ease on You're in control, no mix-ups

How to Use?

  1. Begin by linking your preferred calendars – whether Google or Outlook– to (Note: We are working on expanding calendar integration in the future, so keep an eye out!)
  2. Once linked, view all your appointments and events in our unified calendar view.


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